Giant Granny Square Crochet Baby Blanket

A bit of a different post from me today! Not food but instead I’m sharing a crochet baby blanket I made recently. It is a giant granny square crochet baby blanket, which I made using up various ends of yarn I have leftover from another ongoing project. It’s the first blanket I’ve actually finished and I am inordinately pleased!

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Slow Cooker Coconut Fish Curry

Look at these vibrant colours, you’d probably not imagine you could make this in a slow cooker! Read on and get my slow cooker coconut fish curry recipe, it is easy to make and doesn’t take long (in slow cooking terms), and you’ll end up with a tasty dish full of fresh flavours, a creamy coconut milk sauce and tender flakes of fish.

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Slow Cooker Strawberry Scone

Read on for my recipe for a slow cooker strawberry scone! Bake one in your slow cooker today to beat the heat in the kitchen.

If you come here a lot you will have noticed I bake in the slow cooker a lot. Why, you might ask! A visitor this week did in fact ask Google “why would you bake a cake in the slow cooker?” to reach my blog, which amused me a bit. There are various reasons why I like baking in a slow cooker:
1. It takes a while (usually about a couple of hours), so you can do something else while you wait (I have a rather long to-do list like many busy working mums!).
2. In the summer, the slow cooker won’t heat up your kitchen even more.
3. Running a slow cooker is cheaper then using an electric oven.
4. It’s fun.
5. It tastes good.
I do bake in the oven too naturally but this is just an extra way of doing it, and I see no reason to stop!

So now you know why I do it, let me tell you about my big slow cooker strawberry scone. When pondering scones, as I might often do, I would tend to think of individual cut-out scones, as are traditional in Britain. If you frequent Pinterest as I do you will find that in the USA they make one large round scone, which is then scored and cut into triangles before baking. My giant Nutella scone is also on the same theme. Why not make one big round scone which you can then slice up and serve with strawberries and cream!

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