Slow Cooker Amaretto Raisin and Almond Fudge

Slow Cooker Amaretto Raisin and Almond Fudge

So the time of year for making and receiving handmade edible gifts is nearly upon us again! In previous years I have made slow cooker fudge as gifts, and I decided this year I would make a new flavour, with some added booze for the grownups! My slow cooker amaretto raisin and almond fudge has […]

low Cooked Challenge November 2016 Roundup

Slow Cooked Challenge November 2016 Roundup

How can November be over so soon? As Christmas draws nearer and the wind grows colder, it is time to enjoy comforting slow cooked dishes to warm us up and keep out the chill. Here I am rounding up the entries into the Slow Cooked Challenge for November, which had some delicious dishes entered by […]

Cherry, almond and white chocolate flapjacks

Cherry, Almond and White Chocolate Flapjacks

Don’t you just love flapjacks, they are so easy to make and taste great. I don’t often have the time to bake midweek, but it didn’t take me long at all to dig out the ingredients from my store cupboard and make these flapjacks. I was so glad I did as my cherry, almond and […]

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Pudding

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Pudding 

Have you started planning for Christmas? The food I mean rather than the presents. If you want to have a change from a Christmas pudding, or are catering for a crowd and want an alternative to add to your menu, how about a slow cooker gingerbread pudding? Inspired by the flavours of sticky gingerbread cake, […]

Chicken sausage and potato bake - simple weeknight recipe

Healthy Sausage and Potato Bake

This week I’m sharing my recipe for an easy midweek meal, which goes down well with the whole family. My healthy sausage and potato bake is low in fat too as I used chicken sausages in place of normal sausages. It is easy to make and perfect for chilly evenings as well, when you want […]

Slow cooker bolognese sauce - a simple and delicious crockpot recipe for the whole family

Simple Slow Cooker Bolognese Sauce

Now there are cold winds and the evenings are much darker, I am valuing my slow cookers even more. Coming home to a hot meal is a massive plus point for me. When my children come home from school or go to after school activities, I love the fact I don’t have to start cooking […]