Slow Cooker Easter Egg Fudge

Mini eggs, Creme eggs, Golden caramel eggs, Daim and Oreo creme eggs, the shelves of the supermarkets are full of Easter chocolates right now. Why not make some slow cooker Easter egg fudge using your favourite Easter eggs? It’s bound to go down well as an Easter treat and is also a good way to […]

Slow Cooker Amaretto Raisin and Almond Fudge

Slow Cooker Amaretto Raisin and Almond Fudge

So the time of year for making and receiving handmade edible gifts is nearly upon us again! In previous years I have made slow cooker fudge as gifts, and I decided this year I would make a new flavour, with some added booze for the grownups! My slow cooker amaretto raisin and almond fudge has […]

Slow Cooker Black Forest Fudge

Christmas means giving presents and what better present that Black Forest fudge with cherries, made in your slow cooker. It would make a perfect homemade gift for your friends and family. I actually made this slow cooker Black Forest fudge back in August but have been saving it until now, so am making up for […]

Christmas baking

Over the Christmas break I made a batch of white chocolate and cranberry fudge. I made it in a large loaf tin (2 lbs) as in the past I used a shallower tin and it didn’t set well. Recipe as follows, from the Tesco magazine website: 350g granulated sugar 25g unsalted butter 175ml tin of […]