Slow Cooker Tropical Soda Bread Recipe

It’s been quite a while since I baked in my slow cooker but now suddenly two bakes in the space of a week. Firstly new photos in my slow cooker marshmallow brownies and now this slow cooker tropical soda bread filled with papaya, pineapple, apricots and raisins. This is such a quick and easy bread to […]

Papaya and apple ice lollies - perfect for summer and made purely of fresh fruit!

Papaya and Apple Ice Lollies

The height of summer (please don’t be over just yet!) and this calls for ice cold treats straight from the freezer. What better than to make these papaya and apple ice lollies, simply made from puréed fruit alone, and enjoy a healthier treat with no added sugar. My kids barely noticed the difference in their […]