Papaya and apple ice lollies - perfect for summer and made purely of fresh fruit!

Papaya and Apple Ice Lollies

The height of summer (please don’t be over just yet!) and this calls for ice cold treats straight from the freezer. What better than to make these papaya and apple ice lollies, simply made from puréed fruit alone, and enjoy a healthier treat with no added sugar. My kids barely noticed the difference in their […]

Broad Bean, Pea and Mint Hummus

Summer is here and with it less desire for heavy meals, more desire to use more fresh produce as there is plenty at the shops, and eating more healthily. Broad bean, pea and mint hummus is on all the restaurant menus I look at lately (admittedly that is not that many) so I thought I’d […]

Easy Blackcurrant Curd

When it comes to summer, one thing I love to do is make jams and curds to preserve all that lovely summer fruit so we can enjoy it later in the year. Last week my youngest daughter and I picked a big punnet full of blackcurrants at Crockford Bridge Farm, my local pick your own […]

Slow cooker Strawberry scone

Slow Cooker Strawberry Scone

Read on for my recipe for a slow cooker strawberry scone! Bake one in your slow cooker today to beat the heat in the kitchen. If you come here a lot you will have noticed I bake in the slow cooker a lot. Why, you might ask! A visitor this week did in fact ask […]