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Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Lucy, a baking and slow cooking blogger and a mum too! I love food and here on the blog I share my recipes which we enjoy at home.

I love to cook, bake and use my slow cookers, and create recipes. Baking cakes and puddings in the slow cooker is a particular interest and one of the focuses of my blog. You’ll find on my blog recipes for slow cooker meals and cakes, as well as lots of regular baking, and I also try my hand at patisserie for my Perfecting Patisserie blogging challenge (which is currently on a break!). Have a look at my Recipe Index to see my recipes!


Delighted to be number seven in the Vuelio Top Ten UK Baking Blogs in October 2016.


Currently at 26 in the Foodies 100 index of top UK food blogs (April 2017).

Slow Cooker Chicken Saag Curry

Drop me an email at bakingqueen74@outlook.com, I would love to hear from you regarding collaboration on your campaigns including recipe development, recipe recreation, sponsored posts and hosting competitions. Please get in touch for my media pack.


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15 thoughts on “About me”

    • Hi Donna, great thanks for your interest! The best way right now would be to like my Facebook page which is where I post links to all new posts. There is a link above, see the brown buttons in the sidebar. Hope you find it.

  • What size slow cookers are these recipes for? In particular the cake/sweet/pudding type recipes just in case as I have a big slow cooker 🙂 mmmm even bigger cakemI’m thinking. Just so I can attempt to tweek measures and tines. Thanks

    • Hi Lisa, a lot of them are for a 3.5 litre, but some are for 1.5 litre and some for a larger one like my 5.7 litre. It usually says in the post. If you have a 6.5 litre you could do the same recipe in a cake tin inside your slow cooker. That is how I made the cream cheese brownies. Good luck!

  • Love reading your blog. I haven’t tried a cake in my Slowcooker yet but I think I’m ready to try. Is there any chance of being able to subscribe to your blog by email at some point. I don’t always think to check FB. I will try to but I love getting newsletters with new info on blogs. Just a thought. Will keep checking in when I can. Thanks

    • Hi Deb, thanks that is kind. Sorry I don’t have an email subscription at the moment, but you can use Bloglovin’ which lets you follow blogs of your choice and ensures you don’t miss any posts. Hope that helps! I will look into it for the future.

  • hi Lucy, I am currently on slimming world and a good dessert is something I have struggled to find are you aware of any good slimming world recipes for a cake or dessert which I could use?

    • Hi Mike, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Slimming World, however the strawberry mini meringues I posted recently are only 50 calories each so great for a guilt free treat!

  • Hi.

    This just a quick email to see if you’d be interested in trying out our new luxury cupcake mix we are bringing out in the UK market.

    The product is a really high end luxury cupcake mix and feel it would fit in with your audience perfectly

    If you’d like us to send you some over let me know. And maybe some extras for you to give away to some of your followers?

    Also we are doing a lot of big trade shows etc this year and would be more then happy to promote your business and social media if you did this for us.

    Hopefully speak to you soon.



    Little sins Cupcakery.

  • Dear Lucy,

    Please forgive this email out of the blue. I am an agent at Peters Fraser & Dunlop, one of London’s oldest literary agencies. We represent a variety of clients including a number of chefs and food writers from Mark Diacono and Sarah Raven to Ronnie Murray, Tim Hayward, Annie Gray and Val Warner.

    I just wondered if you had any plans for, or would be interested in, writing a cookbook? If you don’t already have an agent and this is of interest it would be wonderful to have a chat.

    All best,

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