Christmas Baking Recipes

Christmas Baking Recipes

I love baking any time of the year but at Christmas it is even more fun to make something for friends and family to enjoy. Here are a few Christmas baking recipes from my blog which I hope will inspire you over the festive season.

So easy to make yet looks impressive, how about this chocolate cranberry scone wreath?

Chocolate cranberry scone wreath - BakingQueen74

Slow cooker candy cane chocolate fudge is perfect for homemade edible gifts this Christmas.

Slow cooker candy cane chocolate fudge - BakingQueen74

Or perhaps you might prefer white chocolate, pistachio and raspberry fudge.

White chocolate, pistachio and raspberry fudge - BakingQueen74

Or a Christmas cake made in the slow cooker.

Cranberry and almond Viennese whirl mince pies are a little bit different.

Or if you don’t like mincemeat, how about cranberry cheesecake pies.

Cranberry cheesecake pies - BakingQueen74

Perfect for Christmas Eve, boozy salted caramel hot chocolate.

If you don’t like a heavy Christmas pudding, how about a cranberry and vanilla steamed pudding instead?

Cranberry and vanilla steamed pudding - BakingQueen74

Chocolate eclairs wth cranberry and pistachio would be a great Christmas dessert.

Panettone bread and butter pudding is full of festive flavours.

Cranberry and orange madeleines are really easy to make.

Cranberry and orange madeleines - BakingQueen74

I hope you like these ideas, do leave me a comment if you try any of them.

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