Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes with WeightWatchers Smartpoints

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes with WeightWatchers Smartpoints

Right now it is still that weird period between Christmas and New Year when I’m not sure what day it is. I’m already feeling twitchy and really ready to get back to healthy eating after the Christmas indulgence. Once January arrives ringing in 2019 I’ll more than certainly be ready to make some healthy choices. It is definitely time for some healthy slow cooker recipes to keep me on track!

Luckily I have many of those on my blog in amongst the more indulgent recipes, you just need to know where to find them. Here is a run down of my top 10 WeightWatchers-friendly healthy slow cooker recipes, all with SmartPoint values for WeightWatchers Freestyle!

Chicken-Based Recipes

As chicken breasts are zero Smartpoints a lot of my favourite healthy slow cooker recipes are based on chicken. Just pair chicken breast with vegetable and herbs or spices and build a healthy meal!

Click on any of the the recipe titles below to go straight to the recipes!

1. Slow cooker chicken with mediterranean roasted vegetableszero Smartpoints per serving for this simple dish based on chicken breast and vegetables.

So easy to make in bulk and use for the week ahead.

Slow cooker chicken with mediterranean roasted vegetables

2. Slow cooker lemon and herb chicken with asparagus – again zero Smartpoints per serving for this spring recipe.

A dish which is full of flavour from the lemon and fresh herbs.

Slow cooker lemon and herb chicken with asparagus

3. Slow cooker chicken tagine – this Moroccan tagine is made using plenty of summer vegetables for a flavourful dish.

Only 2 SmartPoints per serving.

Slow cooker chicken tagine

4. Slow cooker pesto and sweet potato chicken – in this easy and colourful recipe pesto is spread on chicken and it is cooked on a bed of vegetables.

Only 2 SmartPoints per serving.

Slow Cooker Pesto and Sweet Potato Chicken

5. Slow cooker chicken saag curry – zero SmartPoints per serving when made with chicken breast and without oil, 1 SmartPoint per serving with chicken breast and using the oil, more if using chicken thighs.

This is a mild curry suitable for the whole family!

Slow Cooker Chicken Saag Curry

Beef-Based Recipes

Even though beef isn’t zero Smartpoints, by choosing lean cuts of meat such as lean beef mince and lean casserole or braising steak, you can still include beef in your healthy eating plan.

6. Slow cooker lasagne – this healthy slow cooker lasagne comes in at 9 SmartPoints per serving.

The whole family will love it and it is easy to layer up, plus you have the convenience of it being a one-pot meal.

Lighter slow cooker lasagne - a favourite family slow cooker meal

7. Slow cooker beef curry – packed with plenty of vegetables to make the meat go further, this comes in at 6 SmartPoints per serving.

It’s full of flavour from the gentle slow cooking too.

Slow cooker coconut beef curry

Vegetarian Recipes

Since most vegetables are zero smartpoints, basing a meal around them is a great way to make a dish which is low in points. Chickpeas, beans and lentils too are a great way to make a vegetarian dish more filling without adding smartpoints.

8. Slow cooker vegetable curry (vegan) – for a vegetarian/vegan option this simple slow cooker curry is great at 7 SmartPoints per serving.

You can also reduce the points further by replacing the sweet potato with butternut squash.

Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry

9. Slow cooker chickpea and paneer curry (vegetarian) – this recipe uses chickpeas (zero points) and is topped with cubes of paneer cheese (Indian curd cheese), and comes out at 7 SmartPoints per serving.

You could reduce this by reducing the amount of cheese per person or leaving it out if desired.

Slow Cooker Chickpea and Paneer Cheese


10. Slow cooker butternut squash and lentil lasagne (vegetarian) – with a tomato and green lentil sauce, and sliced butternut squash and courgette, the points in this dish are from the cheese topping alone!

5 SmartPoints per serving.

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Lentil Lasagne

Healthy Options are Possible in the Slow Cooker

So you can see that you can make healthy choices when cooking in a slow cooker, so you benefit from the convenience of using a slow cooker and also making a healthier option for the whole family.

Don’t forget, an easy way to stay within your points is to switch pasta and rice for an alternative like courgetti, butternut squash noodles or cauliflower rice.

That way you can have any of the meals listed above without adding more points for the accompaniment, if you wish.

You can also add chickpeas or lentils or boiled eggs to bulk your meals further.

Let me know what your favourite healthy slow cooker meal is. There are lots more recipes here on the blog, you can find them all in my Slow Cooker archives.

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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes with WeightWatchers Smartpoints

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