Giant Granny Square Crochet Baby Blanket

Giant Granny Square Crochet Baby Blanket

A bit of a different post from me today! Not food but instead I’m sharing a crochet baby blanket I made recently. It is a giant granny square crochet baby blanket, which I made using up various ends of yarn I have leftover from another ongoing project. It’s the first blanket I’ve actually finished and I am inordinately pleased!

Giant granny square crochet baby blanket

Do you crochet? I taught myself using books and various YouTube tutorials. As a left-hander I thought it would be too difficult to pick up, but once I’d watched a few tutorials (Bella Coco is great) and made a few small granny squares I soon got into the rhythm of it! I think I have ended up crocheting right handed though. I just did what felt more comfortable. This blanket is 26 rounds of the traditional granny square pattern, plus a border of single crochet.

Giant granny square crochet baby blanket

A brand new baby girl is now using the blanket but I took a few snaps before handing it over. It will be good to keep a record so I can look back at what I’ve made. I hope it is brightening up her Moses basket right now!

Giant granny square crochet baby blanket

I love the rainbow of colours. The shades of yarn I used are as follows, from the centre, all Stylecraft Special DK apart from the border: Lipstick, Lavender, Fondant, Saffron, Shrimp, Aspen, Aster, Plum, Fondant, Spring Green, Saffron, Shrimp, Fondant, border of Baby Pink.

Giant granny square crochet baby blanket

Now that I have this new hobby my kids’ beds will hopefully have their own blankets by the time winter comes around. It is lovely to be able to make something like this by hand. I like the giant granny square blankets in particular because there is no need to see together individual squares, and the blanket gets bigger quite quickly. I think it took me about two to three weeks to make this giant granny square crochet baby blanket, just doing a little at a time. Look out for more crochet here on the blog soon! Have you got the crochet bug?

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I have not crocheted in a long time but am looking for an easy pattern. I am not afraid of color changes. Do you just use standard granny square pattern and keep going?

Janice @FarmersgirlCook

I love the colours of your blanket. I’m not a big fan of crochet, I think I have an aversion that dates back to my childhood. I can crochet but somehow I prefer knitting and sewing.

Wow, clever you Lucy, it looks lovely and I bet it looks great in the mosis basket. I too taught myself to crochet throught the use of a book rather than YouTube Vids, but haven’t crocheted for a couple of years now. I’ve made a couple of sofa throws using a variety of closed stitches and three different yarn colours (cream, soft pink and grey). I completely loved making the throws…. and our cat loved playing with the balls of yarn as I worked on it too šŸ˜‰